an authentic Latin beverage made
with milk, rice, and natural
cinnamon and vanilla flavors
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the legend...
what is horchata?
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Although the true origin of Horchata may be lost in history, the legend of horchata is well known in Latin cultures.   ....more
Horchata is available at retailers across the United States, and online.   ....more
We welcome your suggestions, questions & feedback.   ....more
Elmhurst Naturals™ boasts beverages made with natural ingredients that incorporate a healthy halo. Elmhurst Naturals™ grew out of the Elmhurst Dairy® heritage, which is a family owned dairy company that has been delivering milk to New York City and surrounding areas since 1919. Loyal to its legacy, the Elmhurst Naturals™ brand was established to create innovative and beneficial products.
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Elmhurst Naturals™ Horchata is distributed by:
Steuben Consumer Products, a division of Steuben Foods.
1150 Maple Road, Elma, NY 14059